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Passion in Partnership Ministries (PIP) is dedicated to the development of life-long fruitful ministry and resilient leaders. Our processes provide transformative practices for clergy and lay leaders that support whole system change. Our partner clients develop well defined leader competencies that renew and engage the individual and the community in which they serve.
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What People Are Saying About
Passion In Partnership

Imagine the last time you had an issue in your ministry and wanted someone to help you clarify next steps: that’s what coaching is for.​
Rev. Gray Southern
Assistant to Bishop,
North Carolina Conference
The opportunity to work with a coach in those first several months of a new appointment gave me the best possible beginning.
Rev. Claire Clyburn
First UMC, Graham
Coaching creates a positive conversation and energy allowing one to clarify their personal values, imagine new possibilities, and identify hopeful steps in making better decisions.
Bishop Paul Leeland
Retired UMC Bishop
There have been times in my life that I have been afraid to share a dream, but coaching has taught me that you can’t let the God dream just sit inside.
Bishop Leonard Fairley
Bishop of the Kentucky Annual Conference
My coach has helped me to uncover the beauty of ministry from many different angles. I look forward to my coaching calls and give God thanks for this important and fruitful ministry!
Rev. Josh Kurtz
Assurance UMC
There were key moments along the way where the hour I spent with my coach was crucial for whatever was going on in the church. …It was almost like that one hour saved me three hours in floundering around to try to figure out a problem.
15 Years in Ministry
The monthly coaching calls sustained me through this process, as I got to put some skills into practice and talk through other ways to grow as a leader.
29 Years in Ministry
(The peer cohort) was a lifeline. You know, especially in this time, it's an opportunity to connect with people who care deeply for God and for people, and yet at the same time is not necessarily a part of the community and the people that you're a part of. They offer a fresh face in a different voice, to where you can go above the 30,000-foot view to look down and to spend some time on the mountains so you can go down and be with the people, so to speak.
10 Years in Ministry
Having the cohort meetings for the last few months and to be able to see my own context from other people 's perspectives and looking back on who I am in ministry, and what I should be doing as a leader in the church looking at that with new eyes and a fresh perspective?
8 Years in Ministry

What People Are Saying About
Passion in Partnership

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