Passion in Partnership Ministries’ mission is to cultivate life-long fruitful ministries and resilient leaders. We live into our mission through the creation of life-giving processes that build on what God has given us and what we discern what God is doing in our midst through individual, group, and conference level initiatives.

One way in which our call is lived into is as coaches partnering with individuals and groups to identify and build on what is going well, what is possible, and the steps they need to take so they may impact lives inside and outside of their local church now and in the future. Learn more about our coaching process.

It is a God-size dream in which we serve. In the fall of 2007, UMC pastor Beth Hood shared a dream with pastoral and congregational coach Peg Aldridge. Beth wanted to see pastors and congregations serving Christ together with energy, excitement, and joy so that churches everywhere would experience long-term fruitful ministry. Peg and Beth began to bring people with this same hope together and the result was Passion in Partnership. Today (2018), we have worked with over 700 individuals as thinking partners in a coaching relationship and have worked with churches and conferences throughout the Southeast Jurisdiction of the United Methodist Church. Fifty-nine clergy and laity in eight conferences have completed our coach training course.

Processes developed and delivered to live into our mission include transition into ministry with our residency (RIOM) program, leadership resilience and effectiveness behavioral coaching (BELI) and coach training to develop appreciative practices and behaviors that undergird life-long fruitful ministry and resilient ministry for both individuals and groups.

Please contact us for more information about our processes:

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