Group Coaching

Congregations, Staff Teams and Lay Leaders

  • Developing effective ministry competencies so that teams can transition from good to great levels of fruitfulness in their work.
  • Exploring the diversity of strengths and personalities across a team to promote mutual understanding so that the team is better equipped to develop effective, collaborative, fruitful ministry.
  • Planning and implementing the accelerated integration of a new pastoral leader or staff member into the team so that momentum is preserved, and the congregation can move from strength to strength.
  • Expanding and strengthening the ministry and leadership of the laity in the local church so that the church’s capacity for service and witness grows and the spiritual impact of the church in the community expands.
  • Identifying the assets, gifts, calling, strengths, and opportunities for the congregation at its current stage of ministry so that the congregation can match its capacity and orient its leadership attention to its most appropriate ministry tasks.
  • Developing healthy conflict engagement practices and habits so that conflict strengthens and deepens the capacity of the church for faithful service.
  • Identifying necessary opportunities for change and managing change processes so that the congregation can embrace new vibrant ministry possibilities.
  • Developing techniques and tools for vision-casting and strategic planning so that the congregation can move in sync with the Holy Spirit into the future to which God is calling the church.
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