Proclamation and Worship

Purpose and Outline “Pastors are called to be faithful in proclaiming the gospel, meet people where they are and be present in times of sorrow and joy, interpreting the seasons of life in ways that are consonant with Christ,” James R. Nieman, president of the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago. The purpose of this …

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Mission Retreat

You will receive information from your RIOM Leaders about the retreat.

Leading Through Change

Purpose & Outline “Leaders in every age have confronted challenges as opportunities for the manifestation of God’s power and presence.  The God who transformed crucifixion into resurrection in Jesus Christ is present through the Holy Spirit to bring healing, forgiveness, reconciliation, and transformation in the world of the new century,” Grace to Lead. The purpose …

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Building Your Inner Circle

Purpose & Outline “Just as Wesley affirmed that no one can be a Christian alone, no one can be a leader in isolation from a community of support and accountability…Peer relationships characterized by honesty, vulnerability, acceptance, and mutual accountability promote learning, confession, healing, creativity and hope,” Grace to Lead.   Part A: Theological Friendship Reflection Explore the …

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Call, Context, and Covenant

Purpose and Outline Build friendship and connection with RIOM Covenant Group Share call stories and current ministry contexts Learn more about peer learning Shape the RIOM journey through RIOM covenant Part A: Call and Context Think about your calling and ministry context through the lens of This Odd and Wondrous Calling and Discerning God’s Call. …

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The Journey Ahead

This is a time to close out the journey of your current RIOM covenant group. Each group may determine the timing and the way in which they will celebrate their years together and what the journey ahead holds for each person.

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