NCC Year 1

Reflections on Incarnation

Session 5 Purpose & Outline Through friendship with Christ, we are formed as individuals and communities into signs, foretastes, and instruments of God’s transformation of the world.  We are shaped and formed in Christlikeness, led into avenues of service, placed in positions of influence, and empowered to be Christ’s body in the ministry of the […]

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NC Preaching Festival

Session 9 NC Preaching Festival–April 24-26, 2017 St. Mark’s UMC, Raleigh NC Your registration is paid by RIOM, however, you are required to register.  When registration opens, please register under NCCUMC RIOM. You are invited to the NCC RIOM Preaching Festival Lunch catered by The Q Shack on Tuesday, April 25, from 12:15-1:15.  Come join

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Leading Through Change

Session 7 Purpose & Outline Leaders in every age have confronted challenges as opportunities for the manifestation of God’s power and presence. The God who transformed crucifixion into resurrection in Jesus Christ is present through the Holy Spirit to bring healing, forgiveness, reconciliation, and transformation in the world of the new century,” (Grace to Lead,

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Fruitful Discipleship

Session 6 Purpose and Outline Fruitfulness is vastly different from what the world regards as success.  Fruitfulness has as its goal not personal advancement or acclaim but the advancement of God’s reign on earth.  It seeks to shape the life and work of the congregation through a shared passion for its mission.  Fruitful leaders care

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Building Your Inner Circle

Session 4 Purpose & Outline Just as Wesley affirmed that no one can be a Christian alone, no one can be a leader in isolation from a community of support and accountability…Peer relationships characterized by honesty, vulnerability, acceptance, and mutual accountability promote learning, confession, healing, creativity and hope,”   Grace to Lead, page 71. Part A: Theological

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Call and Covenant

Session 2 Purpose & Outline At the core of leadership formed and sustained by grace is covenant. The triune God has entered into covenant with us; and the grace to lead requires persistent renewal of our covenant with God,” Grace to Lead, page 91. Part A: Ordination as Covenant Explore and synthesize key readings and video

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