Sin, Sanctification, and the Way of Salvation

Session 2 Purpose & Outline “The comprehensive fundamental doctrine that motivated, framed, and empowered the Methodist movement is what scholars call soteriology, or the doctrine of salvation wrought in Jesus Christ…The telos of Wesleyan and Christian leadership is salvation—of individuals, communities, and the entire creation,” (Grace to Lead, page 25). Explore the distinctive Wesleyan Way

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Leading Through Change

Session 9 Purpose & Outline Leaders in every age have confronted challenges as opportunities for the manifestation of God’s power and presence. The God who transformed crucifixion into resurrection in Jesus Christ is present through the Holy Spirit to bring healing, forgiveness, reconciliation, and transformation in the world of the new century,” (Grace to Lead,

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Conflict Transformation

Session 4 Purpose & Outline Conflict, controversy, and differences offer an opportunity for growth in Christian discipleship and a deeper understanding of love of God and neighbor…reconciliation is at the heart of the church’s mission…,” (Grace to Lead, 80-81). Part A: Beginning with Yes Think about dualistic thinking, the impact it makes on our decisions

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