Conflict Transformation

Purpose & Outline “Conflict, controversy, and differences offer an opportunity for growth in Christian discipleship and a deeper understanding of love of God and neighbor…reconciliation is at the heart of the church’s mission…” (Grace to Lead). The purpose of this session is to explore the unseen, hidden differences and unexamined dynamics at the core of

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BOM Interviews

Outline and Purpose The purpose of this session is to give each individual the opportunity to practice for the BOM interviews. Each participant should review their ordination paper answers and come prepared to answer questions during leader facilitated group time. Participants are encouraged to bring their papers with them as reference. Group members are not

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Priesthood of All Believers

Purpose and Outline “The ministry of laity flows from a commitment to Christ’s outreaching love.  Lay members of The United Methodist Church are, by history and calling, active advocates of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Every lay person is called to carry out the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20); every layperson is called to be missional. 

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Sin, Sanctification, and the Way of Salvation

Purpose & Outline “The comprehensive fundamental doctrine that motivated, framed, and empowered the Methodist movement is what scholars call soteriology, or the doctrine of salvation wrought in Jesus Christ…The telos of Wesleyan and Christian leadership is salvation—of individuals, communities, and the entire creation,” (Grace to Lead, page 25). Explore the distinctive Wesleyan Way of Salvation

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