Doctrinal Standards and General Rules

Session 3 Purpose & Outline “Our doctrinal affirmations assist us in the discernment of Christian truth in ever-changing contexts.  Our theological task includes the testing, renewal, elaboration, and application of our doctrinal perspective in carrying out our calling to ‘spread scriptural holiness over these lands’.” (Grace to Lead, page 21) The purpose of this session …

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Sin, Sanctification, and the Way of Salvation

Session 2 Purpose & Outline “The comprehensive fundamental doctrine that motivated, framed, and empowered the Methodist movement is what scholars call soteriology, or the doctrine of salvation wrought in Jesus Christ…The telos of Wesleyan and Christian leadership is salvation—of individuals, communities, and the entire creation,” (Grace to Lead, page 25). Explore the distinctive Wesleyan Way …

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Launch Retreat – Finding Your Voice and BOM

Session 1 Purpose and Details Gain a deeper understanding of what it means for you to authentically speak, write, preach, and live out of the rich tradition into which you are called to be fully ordained Schedule and plan for the Year 3 journey Retreat Prep Work See Parts A, B, C for details.

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