Strengthening Resilience

Change Leadership

Learn ways to lead through times of change

Self Awareness

Gain a better understanding of yourself, emotions, and the ways you react to stressful situations

Setting the Temperature

Learn to set the "temperature" in the room through words, actions, and physiology.


The only thing we can control is from the skin in.  A powerful thought in times of great challenge. Are you in a place of wondering how to lead in a time when from one minute to the next you could be faced with something that moves from hope to sorrow, from joy to sadness and requires clarity of thought when all you want to do is walk away? This course is about ways to lead in times of change, acknowledging as leaders we can set the tone in the journey by how we respond internally to lead externally through greater emotional intelligence (EQ).

As leaders we can set the ‘temperature’ in the room, in our words, our actions and our physiology. In our work together, we will gain a better understanding of ourselves, our emotions and the ways we either react or respond to stressful situations as leaders. As we gain greater self-awareness, we will also learn and practice tools to transform our physical stress response from fight or flight to an intentional process of building resilience in our mind, body and spirit to lead through difficult and challenging times to strengthen our resilience and experience of leadership.

Resources used to support our dialogue:

Additional Resources:

  • Podcast with Tod Bolsinger, Author of Canoeing the Mountains
  • Articles on Emotional Intelligence as found on online learning platform


Work in partnership with others to accomplish goals

Influence Change

Influence the actions and behaviors of others to accomplish changes in the local church

Personal Knowledge

Develop personal knowledge skills and abilities to continuously grow oneself

Canoeing the Mountains

Explore Tod Bolsinger's book and other resources to better understand how to lead with agility

Six Tuesdays 
9:30-11:00 am ET
December 1, December 15,
January 5, January 19,
February 2, February 16

Six Thursdays
2:30 pm – 4:00 pm ET
November 19
December 3, December 17,
January 7, January 21,
February 4

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