The Bishop’s Emerging Leadership Initiative

The Bishop’s Emerging Leadership Initiative (B-ELI), currently being piloted in the WNCC, creates cohorts of clergy with 10+ years of ministry experience for ongoing behavioral development of Christ-referenced leaders.

In the twelve-month cohort, clergy will:

  • receive three assessments of their leadership behavior
  • work with a development coach to create a plan for transforming desired behaviors
  • covenant with their District Superintendent to live into their development plan
  • engage in a virtual narrative peer group to anchor and deepen their learning and leadership behaviors.

In some of the conferences engaged in this initiative, additional learning opportunities are provided by the conference Leadership Development Team.

This year-long process may also meet the 2016 Book of Discipline Paragraph 349.3 requirements for an 8-year ministry assessment added by the 2016 General Conference.

More information on B-ELI found here.

The Bishop’s Emerging Leadership Initiative (BELI) exists so that Annual Conferences increase the number of resilient leaders who lead fruitfully in an ever-emerging Church context. This transformational process, deeply rooted in the behaviors of fruitful and effective leaders, is based on the quantitative research of Towers Watson which led to The Bishops’ Call to Action 2010. The intentional focus of BELI is the expansion of highly effective Clergy grounded in who God has called and created them to be. 

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