AWF Year 2

Part A: Sin and Sanctification

Purpose: Think about sin and sanctification through the lens of 3 different pastors. Read: Pastor: Revised Edition: The Theology and Practice of Ordained Ministry William H. Willimon Sin in Christian Ministry, pages 254-261 Holiness, Entire Sanctification, and the Redirected Heart Watch: The Antidote with Nadia Bolz-Webber   Write: Can you talk about sanctification without talking …

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Part B: Human Nature and Salvation

Purpose: Reflect on the idea of human nature and the need for salvation, what informs people’s thoughts about it, and how you might expand your own and/or other people’s understanding from the Wesleyan tradition. Write: Finish these sentence stems: When most of my church members talk about or think about sin, they seem to think …

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Part C: The Way of Salvation

Purpose: Explore the Wesleyan Understanding of Salvation and compare/contrast it with a sermon by Barbara Brown Taylor. Read: Grace to Lead: Practicing Leadership in the Wesleyan Tradition by Kenneth L. Carder Chapters 1 and 2 The Grace of Good Works  transcript of sermon by Barbara Brown Taylor Watch: The Grace of Good Works video of Barbara …

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Part D: Shaking the Dust

Purpose: Think about the Way of Salvation through the lens of a sermon by Sam Wells. Read: Shaking the Dust  transcript of sermon by Samuel Wells Write: Jot down or outline answers to the questions below.  Be prepared to share your thoughts with your RIOM Covenant Group (3-5 minutes). What spoke to you in the …

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