Website Change Log

This page will list changes to the PIP Website. If you have technical difficulty, please comment below. Thank you!


  • 5/10/2020
    • ELI page to Live
    • Installed all available plugin and them updates
    • Edited main menu system for listing Ministry Initiatives
  • 2/23/2020
    • Installed all available plugin and theme updates
    • Deprecated shop page with redirect
    • Edited My Courses link in main menu
    • ELI Landing Page created and sent to editing
  • 1/6/2020
    • Added/configured page redirection.
    • Deprecated elearning pages to my-courses (redirect)
  • 1/5/2020
    • Added Website Change Log
    • Improved color palette for many pages
  • 1/4/2020
    • Rewrite/upgrade login sequence
    • Added Group List page for group leaders

Known Issues

  • Widget colors create white spaces in sidebar
  • Line spacing is uneven in some places, especially bullet lists
  • Request: Description pages of key ministries
    • RIOM
    • ✓ ELI
  • Request: Filterable course grid
  • Write Code to create true Related Resources Sidebar widgets
  • Notes plugin causes errors with the new updates. Disabled for now.

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